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How to Clean Your Hardwood Properly?

Hardwood flooring adds a distinct appearance and warmth to various home decoration styles. You can easily maintain and keep these floors shiny if properly cleaned. However, dirt that sticks to the surface makes it look grimy. Therefore, you should learn the correct way of cleaning these floors.

Here are some tips on how to do your cleaning the correct way.
  • For high-traffic spaces like the kitchen, dining, and living rooms, sweep or vacuum every day. Mop the floors once or twice weekly. You can mop less-frequented areas once every month. Use a slightly damp and not a wet mop because water damages hardwood.
  • Preferably, choose the damp mop with a flat head and microfiber pad that has been thoroughly squeezed. Limit the quantity of cleaning solution by using a spray bottle. This must be ½ teaspoon per two square feet. You need not rinse or polish because applying wax is time-consuming making re-coating hard.
  • Refrain from using oils and furniture spray. The oil leaves behind residue while furniture spray makes the floor slippery.
  • Your broom should be angled and have soft bristles. Use a vacuum cleaner with a soft nozzle since brush rollers and rug beaters can scratch the finish.
  • Sticky fragments can be easily removed with a clean and damp cloth along with a spurt of wood floor cleaner. Rub the floor vigorously using your hand or foot. You may try liquid dishwashing soap and water if the cleaning product is expensive or difficult to find.
  • Finally, recoat when the floor is beginning to erode. Recoating must not involve the sanding process. Just apply another coat of finish to bring back the flooring’s sheen or gloss. This practice prolongs the flooring’s life for several years.

The advantage of hardwood floors is they can be restored, refinished, and recoated. The good news is it is a fairly simple exercise and keeps the surfaces shiny with only a little effort.